"Committed To Nurturing Each Child's Unique Potential" 

The mission of our After-School Learning Center Program is to assist students with their educational needs and to provide them with an outlet to discover, to explore and to express their different learning styles through creative and hands-on activities.
The Learning Center has four components:
  1. Academic Achievement (direct teaching)
  2. Academic Enrichment (indirect teaching)
  3. Physical Fitness/Health Education
  4. Intervention/Self-Development 

The program targets students in South Fulton area from 1st grade to 12th grade. The program operates from Monday-Friday 2:30-7:00 PM and is located at Laster Chaptel United Methodist Church in College Park, Georgia. Students from low- to moderate-income families who live in the South Fulton area, are eligible for the program. Snacks are provided daily. Transportation is limited.

To volunteer for some of these activities contact our office.

Journey with us and see how much fun it is to learn!

A brief list of our activities:

  • Academic Instruction
  • Homework/Tutoring
  • Art & Craft
  • Theater
  • Field Trips
  • Tennis Instructions
  • Tennis Team/Competition
  • Cultural History
  • Science Projects
  • Math Projects
  • Journal Writing
  • Creative Writing
  • Newsletter
  • Community Service
  • Family Reading Nights
  • Computer Lab & Internet training (student & family)
  • Group Projects

Bulletin Board

Sun 13th of June 2021

Southern Children Network will
be applying for Georgia 21st
Century Learning Center after
school grant.




1.     After-School Mentors Needed:

One on One mentors needed for

students in the after-scool program.

Training: First Tuesday of each month.

Please call for more information.

May call or email for a one on one


Contact Jinaki if you are attending:
404-697-3672 or

***'Please note that the event time may
change with short notice due to
unforeseen circumstances. Please
confirm date and time.