Children of Promise Mentoring Program focuses on children of incarcerated parents or guardians in a local, state or federal correctional facility between the ages of 4 and 18, who reside in Clayton, Fayette, Henry or South Fulton counties.

Children of Promise will achieve its goal of positive youth development with the provision of one-on-one community based mentor relationships with qualified, trained mentors devoted to spending 1 hour a week with the child participating in an array of structured services and activities.

What is a Mentor?

A Trusted Guide or Friend

  • Young people today do not get much opportunity to be friends with adults; especially adults who will listen to them and take them seriously.

A Caring, Responsible Adult

  • For many of our mentees, there is not always a consistent adult presence in their lives who can model appropriate behaviors, interactions and attitudes.

A Resource

  • Who provides access or exposure to people, places and things outside their mentee's routine environment.

A Positive Role Model

  • Today’s youth have many role models; however, they are not necessarily positive role models.

Bulletin Board

Tue 24th of November 2020

Southern Children Network will
be applying for Georgia 21st
Century Learning Center after
school grant.




1.     After-School Mentors Needed:

One on One mentors needed for

students in the after-scool program.

Training: First Tuesday of each month.

Please call for more information.

May call or email for a one on one


Contact Jinaki if you are attending:
404-697-3672 or

***'Please note that the event time may
change with short notice due to
unforeseen circumstances. Please
confirm date and time.